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Barbie Flower Saharian Vest

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American Girl Doll Flower dress

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Barbie skirt swimsuit

My daughter asked me to sew this second swimsuit, she wanted a skirt attached to the bottom. I slightly changed the top of the swimsuit, so it won’t be exactly the same as the other swimsuit. Now you can make … Continue reading

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Barbie two pieces swimsuit

I created this swimsuit with a used swimsuit from my daughter. The fabric is ideal, although a little bit hard to hand sew. Happy sewing !

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Barbie yellow flower dress

Summer is here, I like yellow and this dress looks pretty on Barbie! You can wear it with the leggings or just as is. Happy sewing!

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Barbie Yellow short leggings

I like this shinny yellow, it’s just perfect for summer! Happy sewing!

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Pretty Woman hat

Here is the hat assorted to the very beautiful dress seen in the movie Pretty woman. Happy sewing!

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Pretty Woman dress

I have always wanted to sew this very mythic dress from the movie Pretty Woman. When I saw that fabric at the store, I knew I had to try. And here it is! I quite like the result. The fabric … Continue reading

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Pretty Woman bag

I tried to sew exactly the bag that is used in the movie Pretty Woman, the one that goes with this very beautiful brown and white dress. You can find the dress on missbcouture along with the hat. Happy couture!

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Orange dress

This dress is very easy to sew.  Accessories make the outfit very chic. I added a scarf, a hat and a bag. This dress can be declined in any kind of fabric or color.

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Orange and white bag

I tried to sew a bag that looks like the kind of bags that I love, because we can put so many things in it. The base of the bag is an oval and it sewed with little pleats. This … Continue reading

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Orange and white hat

The fabric I used for this hat suits perfectly for this kind of hat with floating edge. It a little bit rigid but not too much. The decoraton on the back came to me when I was finishing the main … Continue reading

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Brown wool sweater 31 for Ken

This wool sweater is entirely hand-sewed. I recycled a sleeve of a sweater and cut on the bottom to get the elasticated part. Dimensions on the tutorial are taken on the non elasticated part. I sewed an assorted shirt, you … Continue reading

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Brown 31 shirt for Ken

I like very much this shirt. I enjoyed searching for  nice ideas for the decoration on Ken’s outfits. I sewed a sweater assorted to this shirt, you can find it here. If you have ideas for decorations for ken’s outfits, … Continue reading

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Jeans for Ken

This the second pants I’m sewing for Ken. It is all sewed by hand. I enjoy sewing for Ken. I think the next outfit will be a less casual outfit, like a tuxedo. For this specific pants, I advise you … Continue reading

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