Green hat

A pretty hat, like a sailor sunhat. You might want to use two kind of fabrics, it will even more pretty. Make sure to pleat the edge fabric very well, otherwise the edge won’t have a nice aspect.
Happy sewing!

–       A bottle cap or any container cap from the size of the head of your doll diameter 1 ½ “ (3.5cm)
–       A thick piece of fabric (I used velvet):
Cut one small round, using the cap
Cut a band the same length of  the circumference of  your cap 4 ¾ “ x 1” (12cm x 2.5cm)
– A band of fabric for the edge of the hat: 8” x 2” (20cm x 5cm)

Step 1
–       Sew the band to the round. Do not close the band at the end. Try the hat on the doll then close it.

Step 3:
– Pleat the fabric band in two and sew it arround the hat.Pleat the band from time to time.
– Then sew arround the edge to take of the puffy aspect

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4 Responses to Green hat

  1. lyndsey says:

    you could make one it black with fur trim fur wrapped around it for a russian hat i think it is

  2. admin says:

    Lindsey, I love your ideas! I will definitely look for some fur fabric and sew a coat and a hat !
    False fur of course… I love animals and won’t hurt any living species on earth 🙂

  3. lyndsey says:

    only, i would never use real fur it would make me feel even worse because i have got a cat

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