Orange and white bag

I tried to sew a bag that looks like the kind of bags that I love, because we can put so many things in it. The base of the bag is an oval and it sewed with little pleats. This gives the sensation of an even bigger bag. The decoration is the same as the assorted hat.
–    Oval 2 ½”x 1 ¾”(6cm x 4.5cm)
–    Side: 2” x 7” (5cm x 18cm)
–    Front of the bag: 2 ½” x 1 ½” (6.5cm x 4cm)
–    Ribbon for the hand
–    A little piece of velcro

How to sew the bag
–    Sew the side of the bag around the oval
–    Sew a hem around the top of the bag
–    Sew a hem all around the front rectangle
–    Sew the rectangle to the bag
–    Sew the velcro to the bag
–    Sew the ribbon and a decoration

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4 Responses to Orange and white bag

  1. Lyndsey says:

    Very, Very fabulous, I love it so much and I also like the way that you did the same decoration on the bag that you also did on the hat it’s very cohesive and works well as an outfit but also beautiful as seperates.

  2. I love this dress so much

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