Pretty Woman hat

Here is the hat assorted to the very beautiful dress seen in the movie Pretty woman. Happy sewing!
-    Big round: 3 ¼” diameter (8cm)
-    Small round: 1 ½” diameter (4cm)
-    Band: 5 ¾”  x ½”(14.5cm x 1cm)
-    Fabric for the decoration of the hat

How the sew the hat
-    Sew the band around the big round, do not finish completely the sewing
-    Sew the small round on the top
-    Finish the sewing of the band
-    Sew the decoration fabric

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26 Responses to Pretty Woman hat

  1. Lyndsey says:

    Wow I love this hat I have been busy as it is my birthday next week on wednesday the 23rd so I have yet to have sewn a hat like I said I would soon hopefully my dolls heads will be warm in short matter of time

  2. Christy says:

    I love this pattern, I am making doll clothes for my granddaughters.
    Thank you,
    from Texas, USA

  3. alexandra says:

    I’m so happy to have found your site! I’m rounding up the best handmade barbie clothes, and would love to link to some of your posts! Would it be ok if I used a picture or two, of course linking and giving you 100% credit for your creations?

  4. elodie says:

    Coucou, toujours occupée par la création d’un nvo site?
    j’espère que tt va bien pr vous et que bientot vs posterez à nouveau!!

    • admin says:

      Oui, je suis toujours occupée par le transfert vers le nouveau site. Mais coudre me manque, je vais m’y remettre.

  5. raamlozano says:

    Miss B. Couture, I was looking at your facebook and I was unable to get to the “how to” tutorials of your designs. How can I get to them? Pleeeeease help!!! Love your work!!! Thank you

  6. sewwhat says:

    I crochet barbie dresses of all sizes and make the under skirts & hats …..your had looks real nice.

  7. farha says:

    can you please tell me which type of material you have used for hats

  8. Carmen Russell says:

    Love this hat will make one,thanks for instructions.

  9. swati says:

    Hi, love your hat. Can I ask you one thing. What material did you use for the hat so your hat become so stiff. Let Me know. Thanks

  10. Rhnee Hicks says:

    What type of material did you use for the hat?

  11. Jean says:

    Have just started sewing again after a break of 40 years ! May just have to try your patterns out. Thankyou so much for the fabulous blog.

  12. Kathy Norris says:

    I have been making fashion doll clothes for about a year now for my granddaughters. I am addicted!! I will
    have to try a hat now. I love your website. Been there many times. Thank you!

  13. Betz says:

    I love the hat pattern and dress pattern. I love pretty woman and collect Barbies. Wish there was an option to print without all the comments. Love your site.

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