Barbie two pieces swimsuit

I created this swimsuit with a used swimsuit from my daughter. The fabric is ideal, although a little bit hard to hand sew.
Happy sewing !
Material :
–    Bottom : 9 ½’ x 2 ¾’ (24cm x 7cm )
–    Top :
–    2 rectangles : 2 ¾’ x 1 ½’ (7cm x 4cm )
–    1 rectangle : 5’ x 1 ½’ (13cm x 4cm )
–    Ribbon
–    2 sew on snaps

Step 1 :
–    Fold the two rectangles and sew them as a triangle
–    Reverse
–    Sew the rectangles in together in the middle

Step 2 :
–    Fold the band reverse. Sew on the bottom and on one side
–    Reverse and sew the other side
–    Sew the band to the triangles

Step 3 :
–    Sew the ribbon on the triangles
–    Sew a sew on snap


Step 1 :
–    Fold the fabric reverse and draw half a circle on each side. Leave 3/4’’  (2cm) in the middle
–    Pin so the fabric won’t move and sew following the lines
–    Cut the extra fabric and reverse

Step 2 :
–    Cut on the back on ¾’’ (2cm)
–    Sew a hem around the cut, then pin as if to close
–    Try on the doll and sew the sides
–    Cut the extra fabric. Tray again on the doll, pin on the top of the swimsuit. Sew the hem on the top, following the pins
–    Sew the sew on snap

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15 Responses to Barbie two pieces swimsuit

  1. nicole heuten says:

    beautiful!! my daughter was just complaining about the fact that she has a swimmingpool but no swimwear for her barbies!! thanks!!

  2. Lyndsey says:

    So cute I love all the colours 🙂

  3. girlfriend4lyfe says:

    Ok, you are my hero. Seriously!!!! I’ve been looking forever for patterns to make clothes for my nieces. I’ve found some but yours are way superior. The instructions are so simple that anyone can follow them and the results are amazing!!!! I’ve already made several of these outfits. I feel obligated to stop and say THANK YOU!!! for sharing.

    This suit is no exception; I’ve just finished making the top and I’m already loving it 🙂

    Thanks again!!

    • missbcouture says:

      Thank for taking the time to write this nice message. I am glad you like the patterns. I made this website because I haven’t been able to find anything like that on the web. I’d love to see some pictures of your creations 🙂
      Miss B.

      • girlfriend4lyfe says:

        I just created a Flickr account. I uploaded most of the pictures there. These are for Christmas presents for my 2 nieces and my husbands 3 nieces. I know they’ll be excited to get them 🙂

        • missbcouture says:

          Wow! you did so many, I am sure they’ll be excited to see all those great clothes for their dolls. You picked really nice fabrics and all the models are super cool. My daughter loved them 🙂
          Thank you for sharing the pictures!

          • girlfriend4lyfe says:

            Thanks!! I used old clothes and remnants from the fabric stores. I’m a full time student so I have 1 more week left before I get super busy again so I decided to make as much as possible when I have the time. The aim is to make at least 5 outfits per person. I also have to mail them home (Caribbean) to the kids 🙂

          • missbcouture says:

            Well you are very talented and it is very kind of you to prepare all these clothes.
            Good luck for school!
            Miss B.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks, I have fun doing it 🙂

  5. Patti says:

    I have a two year granddaughter who definitely loves her “Darbies” (Barbies), I can’t wait to make these clothes for her. @Girlfriend4lyfe: I love the outfits you made. I am inspired. I think I will also try my hand at designing. Will post photos when complete. I’m excited!!!

  6. ella says:

    where do i get the pattern

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