White and Purple Wedding veil

This wedding veil took me a little time to figure out. The idea of the hair band came when I saw my daughter wearing her hair band. It was the easiest way to to a wedding veil that a little girl can handle and using what you can find arround you.
I hope you’ll like it !
Happy sewing !
Material :
–       Tulle : square 10’’ x 10’’ ( 25cm x 25cm)
–       Ribbon 2 colors 1 purple and one white. Lenght : 4’’ (10cm)
–       Rubberband 1’’ (2cm)

Phase 1 :
–       Sew the two sides of the ribbons to the rubberband. Try it on the doll to make sure that it fits and that it can stay by it self.

Phase 2 :
–       Pleat the tulle on one corner up to 6’’ (15cm)
–       Then pleat the tulle into 2 to define the middle of the tulle. Sew  the tulle to of one ribbon.  Pleat the tulle a little on the top.
–       Sew the decoration

The wedding veil is ready, don’t forget to have a look to the wedding bunch of flowers and the wedding dress that goes with it!

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