American Girl Doll Flower dress

Skirt : 24’’ x 8’’ (60cm x 20cm)
Skirt Fleece : 32’’ x 4’’ (80cm x 10cm)
Top Front: 6’’ x 6’’ (15cm x15cm)
Top back : 2 rectangles : 6’’ x 4’’ (15cm x10cm)
Collar : 2 rectangles : 10’’ x 2 ½’’ (25cm x 6cm)
Lace : 120cm (46’’)
Step 1 :
–    take the top front and cut to round the collar. Sew a hem.
–    Sew the top front to the top back fabrics on the shoulder
–    Sew a hem around the arms up to 4’’ (10cm) on each side
–    Sew the top together on the sides
–    Sew a hem on the back

Step 2 :
–    Sew the lace on the collar and round the sides
–    Sew the collar to the dress. Make the pleats while sewing.
–    Mark the sewing line between the top and the bottom : 1 ¼’’ (3cm)on the sides and ¾’’ (2cm) in the middle. Draw a line.

Step 3 :
–    Sew the lace on the bottom skirt
–    Sew the lace on the skirt fleece
–    Sew the skirt fleece to the skirt
–    Sew the skirt to the top following the line.

Step 4 :
–    Sew the dress on the back.
–    Sew the velcro on the back
–    Sew the ribbon to the dress


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13 Responses to American Girl Doll Flower dress

  1. Ursula says:

    Hi, just amazing what you’re sewing!!
    What is the size of the american doll (waist and neck(?)).
    Are you planning to sew more outfits for this doll?
    Thank you!

    • missbcouture says:

      Hi Ursula,
      Thank you for your message. Yes I plan on making more outfits for American Girl doll. I already have two other dresses and a long sleeve shirt. I will post them shortly.
      The size of the doll is 18” (46cm) tall. Waist is 10 1/2” (27cm) and neck is 5 1/2” (14cm).
      Happy sewing!
      Miss B.

  2. clara galimore says:

    where can i get the pattern for this dress

  3. suzette says:

    thank you for being so kind as to share. Just bought my my granddaughter her 1st American girl and she thinks she is getting a cabbage patch. I can’t wait for her to see it. I think I will be very busy making clothes.

    • missbcouture says:

      I did a lot of American dolls clothes as well, they are much easier to sew than barbie doll clothes, but it requires more time, since the doll is bigger.
      Thanks for coming by,
      Happy sewing!
      Miss B

  4. Kathy says:

    Again, thank you for sharing. If you need a new idea, I have been looking for an easy dress for the American doll which is kind of like a prairie dress. Love your doll clothes!

    • missbcouture says:

      Leave me a message if you’d like me to post a pattern of yours. You would have to take the step by step pictures and write the steps, just like I do it. I don’t have much time anymore to post anything.
      But I am sure readers would be happy to see new sewing patterns.
      Miss B

  5. Sue LaRose says:

    Yellow dress is so pretty just don’t know if i’m smart enough to make it without a pattern. I’ve been looking on the net for an old fashiond bonnet pattern but haven’t had any luck yet. So many things say “free” you go to the sight and it isn’t free!

  6. Patricia Ballas says:

    I can’t wait to see more American girl outfits. I know they have exploded on to the scene again as of late. Trouble is they are so expensive and so are they’re accessories and clothes. Having a sweet granddaughter that has just turned 7yrs old and was taunted and teased at school because she had a look alike (which she dearly loves still) and not the actual American girl doll. She was made fun of to the point she would come home cry herself to sleep and not wake up to eat. These children are viscous. Her other grandma bought her an American girl doll for Christmas but couldn’t afford any clothing so she told her grandma patty would have to make her some. How can you refuse that?! Of course I will make my angel clothes for her babies. I have to thank you for the Barbie patterns also I will be adjusting to make fit monster high and ever after high dolls and the aquastrian dolls but it’s easier for me to adjust a pattern than try and make one.

    • missbcouture says:

      Hi Patricia,
      Thank you very much for your note. I have been sewing a lot lately, but did not have much time to put some tutorials online.
      I am still looking over the website, and hope I can come back with more stuff online soon.
      Happy sewing!
      Miss B

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