Flower and blue coat

Do not throw away your husband’s old blue jean anymore ! It can make perfect outfits for your favorite doll. Here is a coat for Barbie. Add to it a little girly décoration and it becomes a really trendy coat !
It is better to recycle kids blue jeans because sewing is easier.
I hope you’ll like the coat. I will post the bag and the hat that goes with the coat very soon ! Stay tuned !
Happy sewing !
Material :
–       Back : trapèze jean fabric : top 2 ¾’’ (7cm), bottom 4 ¾’’12cm), sides 5 ½’’ (14cm)
–       Front : 2 half trapèze (in bias only on a side – the 2 half trapèze should form a complete trapèze if sewed together) Top 2’’(5cm), bottom 2 ¾’’(7cm),  sides 5 ½’’(14cm)– to make it easier you can cut two rectangles of 2 ¾’’(7cm) x 5 ½ ‘’ (14cm)and cut on on one side of the rectangle from the top like half a triangle.
–       Sleeves : 2 rectangles 2 ¾ ’’(7cm) x 3 ½’’(9cm)
–       Collar : 2 rectangles ¾’’(2cm)  x 3 ½’’ (9cm)– one in blue jean and the other one in flower fabric
–       Pockets : 2 squares 1 ¼’’ (3cm)x 1 ¼’’(3cm) – cut in a blue jean darker than the rest of the coat
–       Decoration : for the bottom and the sleeves : flower fabric 20’’ (50cm)x 1 ¼’’(2cm)

Phase 1 :
–       Collar : sew the two fabrics together face to face on 3 sides : top , right and left. Then return gently the collar.

Phase 2 :
–       Pockets : take a little pièce of the décoration fabric and sew it on on side of each pockets. Sew with a little hem on the front side, soi t looks good.

Phase 3 :
–       Take the back fabric and the the 2 front fabric. Put them together face to face. Then pin the shoulders on each side.
–       Sew the shoulders on each side on ½’’ (1cm) leave space at the begining for little hem 0.3’’ (0.5cm)

Phase 4 :
–       The coat is a little rounded on the back. So now that the front and the back are attached, trace a rounded line on the bottom of the coat , and cut the front and the back fabrics together following this line.

Phase 5 :
–       Sleeves : fold each sleeve into two then trace a little mark on the fabric to note the middle of the sleeve.
–       Sew each sleeve on the coat face to face. Be careful to place the little mark on the shoulder. Leave a little hem on each sides of the sleeve 0.3’’ (0.5cm)

Phase 6 :
–       Sew the décoration on each sleeve. Cut the flower fabric and sew it to the sleeve. Sew a little hem on the face of the fabric.

Phase 7 :
–       Attach the collar to the coat. Making sure to put it in the middle  and that there are left the same space on each side of the front coat.
–       Then sew it to the coat. I sew the collar, with the flower side Inside.

Phase 8 :
–       Sew a hem on each side of the front coat.
–       Sew the coat together. Sew it twice so it is solid.
–       Reverse gently the coat.

Phase 9 :
–       Finitions : sew the pockets on the front of the coat
–       Sew the decoration on the back of the coat

Your coat is ready ! Don’t forget to look in the accessory section for a bag that goes with it.

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5 Responses to Flower and blue coat

  1. I just stopped by to thank you for alerting me to the error on my barbie doll couch pattern on Bukisa. I made sure the photo and illustrations were correct. Thanks again. Your site is great!

  2. aimee says:

    i dont know what it is about this coat but im just so in love with it.

    • admin says:

      I love it too! If you look up on the website there is a green and white coat, they are made off the same model 🙂
      I just love the green coat!

      • aimee says:

        i love the green coat i cant wait to make one like this when i get my sewing machine and material for christmas i cant wait to make clothes as awesome as yours.

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