Green vest

This vest took me a little time to sew. The fabric I choose was not appropriate. I advise to take a thick fabric that does not shred. The collar can also be a little challenging to sew to the vest. My advise here is to be patient, pin the collar on the vest, try it on the doll, then sew it.
As usual this vest is part of a complete outfit that includes: bag, hat, t-shirt, skirt and vest.
Happy sewing!

–       Back: 3 ½” x 4” ( 9cm x 10cm)
–       Front: 2 rectangles: 1 ¾” x 4” (10cm x 4cm)
–       Sleeves: 2 recangles: 4” x 2 ½” (10cm x 6.5cm)
–       Collar: 1 band of fabric different color 3 ½” x 1” ( 9cm x 3cm)

Step 1:
–       Draw a mark on the top of the back fabric at ¾” ( 1.5cm) from each side
–       Then draw a line from that mark up to the bottom
–       Cut the fabric folowing that line, and leave a few inches for the hem

Step 2:
–       sew the front and back fabrics together on the shoulders
–       Sew the sleeves. Be sure to sew the middle of the sleeves on the top of the shoulders.

Step 3:
–       take the collar an sew a hem on the sides and the top
–       Pin the collar to the vest. Leave ½” (1.5cm) on each side on the front of the vest
–       Sew the collar to the vest

Step 4:
–       Sew a hem on the front (I had to use a little piece of lining fabric, because the fabric was shreding)
–       Sew a hem on the sleeves
–       Sew the vest together and return it gently

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14 Responses to Green vest

  1. lyndsey says:

    hey this could make a great coat to maybe if you add buttons with velcro on the two sides but you could a longer version two maybe you could try to make a hood to.

  2. admin says:

    I have a nice felt dark grey fabric. I was thinking about sewing a long coat with it. Will be coming soon. I don’t know what is a hood…

  3. lyndsey says:

    a hood is, well you know on the back of coats theirs a hood which you put over your head to stop you from getting rain on your head and snow but it also keeps your head warm when it’s cold.

    • admin says:

      Ok, I see… I was planning in sewing a sport outfit with a sweater with a hood. It’s kind of difficult to figure out how to sew it, so it will be the right size to put over barbie’s head. The thing with barbie is that in general she has plenty of hair 🙂
      My daughter is asking for a cape to wear with princess dress… trying to figure out this too 😉

  4. Becky says:

    I Think Doing A Sport outfit would be great and very hard to do make but hope you get that sorted hope top see it soon

  5. bamboo says:

    I love this but how do you make the hat……in english

  6. Michelle V. says:

    I love this outfit. Especially the hat and bag but did not see them in under accessories. Would love to get these. Thanks.

  7. sandyj says:

    I love your clothes! I’ve been looking every where for Barbie / Ken / GI Joe patterns, and they’re few and far between. I accidentally found you, and I will definitely be returning! I really like all your things, but I adore the green vest outfit and HAT! I’ve tried a couple of hats in the past, and they always seemed HUGE in proportion to the rest of the outfit. I can’t wait to try this one–it looks PERFECT. And the rest of the outfit–Barbie looks so chic!
    You said you had problems with fraying. Have you tried the iron-on fusible web backing? That’s going to be my next experiment, to see if it saves me frustration and wasted cloth. Supposedly you iron it on the back of your cloth, cut out the pieces and sew without fraying. I’ve been told that it can prevent bulk due to extra hemming, as well, and there are kinds of webbing that are used for applique so you could iron on pockets without having to hem them.
    I love making things for the guys and gals, and have recently been working with my cousin’s girls who’ve never done anything like it before. I sew the clothes by hand so they’ve learned that needles can hurt without them being exposed to the more dangerous sewing machine. By the time they’re ready for the machine they will respect what it can do.
    I just started with shirts for my guys, and I’m having trouble making the collars look proportional. (That’s one reason I like your green vest–it looks great!) I found a great pattern on Niel’s Doll Room for Ken that I was able to enlarge a bit to fit Joe (except for the collar) and on Tie A I learned how to tie a great looking tie that I made from power-suit-red ribbon. One of my Barbies looks good with a looser version in narrow seafoam green ribbon. My next project–after I get collars right–is a suit, then possibly a tuxedo, then SHOES!
    I don’t have much money to spend on my hobby so I have to economise. I get my dolls at a Christian thrift store and they have stopped putting the NAKED dolls out, so they hold all of those for me at a lower price than the clothed ones. The only drawback is no shoes or accessories. I also find most of my cloth there, in the children’s department, since the patterns and prints are the right proportion for the dolls and I can get enough velvet or other ‘luxury’ fabric to make an outfit for a small amount of money and little, if any, waste. I found out that the ribbon straps on lingerie can make great looking belts. single earrings and broken chains and “worthless'” jewlry bits really enhance some outfits.
    I’ve found most of my clothing patterns on and reworked them–shortened, lengthened, changed sleeves and openings, etc., until I’ve almost worn them out. I found hose and sock patterns at Perestroika. I saw a Fruit of the Loom ad in a magazine that showed a pair of panties, photocopied it and made a pattern from it. Now Barbies and Joes have underwear. Now I just need a good bra pattern.
    I go through magazines I want to save without taking up too much space and I tear out all the pages that have ads on both sides. From those I save the photos of clothes and accessories I like–or even furniture, bedding, etc., that give me ideas for color combinations. After all, the photos were put together by people with a lot more experience than I have, so why not take advantage of it.
    I’ve got a large binder that I keep printouts and magazine pages in, another for patterns, and a small notebook I keep by my side to sketch ideas and outfits I see on tv, along with notes and possible variations.
    Believe me, your patterns are going in my binder! I can’t wait to add some of your accessories to my already-existing clothes, as well as start new outfits from your patterns. First order of business–take your green vest printout when I go shopping for material!
    Thank you so much, and I will be looking for more!

    • missbcouture says:

      What a great message! Thank you Sandioj for taking the time to share all these great ideas. I will definitely try to iron the fabrics before sewing, and see if it helps for fraying.
      If you are looking for a bra, why don’t you try the top from one of the swiming suits and use another fabric that would be more bra like.
      I would love to see your creations, if you have a flickr account, do not hesitate to share the link.
      Happy sewing!
      Miss B

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