Sweater for Ken

How to recycle used socks?
Sew a great sweater for your doll’s lover!
I found it very fun to sew for Ken. But it’s somewhat a little bit more challenging because Ken’s arms and legs are not as mobile as Barbies. The good new is that as there are less curbs, it’s easier to sew outfits for Ken.  Try it on. Let me know what your think!
I am already thinking of sewing a pants and some sportswear for Ken. Maybe in the nexts posts.

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Material :
– Back : 3″ x 4.5 ” (8cm x 11cm) – cut on the top of the socks so you won’t have to sew a hem on the bottom of the sweater.
– Front: 2 rectangles 4.5″ x 2″ – (11cm x 4cm) –  same as for the front. Cut on the top of the socks.
– Sleeves: 2 squares 3″ x 3″ (8cm x 8cm)
– Collar : a small rectangle 3″ x 1″ (8cm x 2cm) –  Cut on the elasticated fabric in the top on the socks. No hem to sew…
– A little decoration if you want. I simply cut a B on a cotton fabric.

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Phase 1 :
– Sew the shoulders of the front and the back fabric together : 1″ on each sides (2cm)
– Sew the sleeves on each side. Pleat  sleeves into two and pin them to the fabric to make sure you sew right in the middle.

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Phase 2 :
– Sew a hem on each sides of the collar. Sew a hem on the top if needed.
– Sew the collar to the top of the sweater. All arround the neck
– Sew a hem on the front of the sweater.

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Phase 3 :
– Reduce the width of the end sleeves. To do so, cut little triangle notch on each sleeves. Then sew them back. It will give the sleeves a puffy aspect.
– Sew a hem at the end of the sleeves

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Phase 4 :
– Sew the sweater together
– Sew a piece of velcro or sew-on snaps on the front if you want to. I did not do it, I prefer the sweater to stay open.
-Sew your little decoration on the front of the sweater.

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4 Responses to Sweater for Ken

  1. lanaine23 says:

    c’est super bien !!! mais je voudrai vous demander si vous pouver faire
    des chaussettes et des pantoufle et une robe de mariee svp
    reponder moi

    • admin says:

      Il y a déjà une robe de mariée en ligne, va voir dans la section robes et robes de princesses. Pour les chaussettes et les chaussons c’est une super idée ! je vais essayer 🙂
      Il y a déjà des collants pour Barbie que tu peux essayer de coudre.

  2. Rosie says:

    Using socks for Ken clothes is such a good idea! My friend has a Ken who looks a bit like Kristoff from Frozen (I keep bringing up that movie because in it are so many Barbie and Ken clothing ideas) and I used old socks to make his outfit-it’s not quite done but I plan to use gray and red felt for trim. I am so sorry that I can’t post a picture but the outfit is with my friend now and like I said, it is not finished.
    Your Ken looks a bit like Kristoff himself. Have you seen Frozen?

  3. Rosie says:

    By the way…I have finished it now.

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