Blue Jeans Jacket for Ken

Do not throw away your used jeans anymore ! You can use them to sew tons of outfits for your dolls : pants, shorts, sweaters, skirts, dresses…

This jacket for Ken is very easy to sew. I used a pièce of fabric a little bit more used to sew the collar. I needed a différence in fabirc colors.

You can add pockets to the jacket.

Sewing this jacket will be easier if you have a light stretcheable blue jeans fabric.
Happy sewing !

Material :
–       back : rectangle 4 ¾ ” x  4 ½” (12cm x 11 cm)
–       Front : 2 rectangles 3” x 4 ¾ “ (8cm x 12cm)
–       Sleeves: 2 rectangles 3 ½ “ x 4” ( 9cm x 10cm)
–       Collar: rectangle 1 ¼ “ x 5” ( 3cm x 13cm)

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Phase 1:
–       put the front and the back fabric face to face and pin the shoulders.
–       Sew shoulders on 1” (2.5cm) leave ¼” for the hem

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Phase 2:
–       Draw a mark on the middle of the sleeve, then sew it to the shoulder. The mark will help position the sleeve well on the shoulder.
–       Sew a hem on each sleeve

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Phase 3:
–       Sew the coat together.
–       Pleat the collar into two, then sew it to the coat
–       Sew a hem all around the coat
–       Sew 3 buttons on the vest and Velcro to close it.

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The blue jean jacket for Ken is ready. Don’t forget to look at other outfits for Ken.

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  1. bamboo says:

    do you think this could be made out of leather ?, I currently have a ton of the stuff.

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