Brown wool sweater 31 for Ken

This wool sweater is entirely hand-sewed. I recycled a sleeve of a sweater and cut on the bottom to get the elasticated part. Dimensions on the tutorial are taken on the non elasticated part.
I sewed an assorted shirt, you can find it here.
Happy sewing!
–    Back 5” x 4” (13cm x 10cm)
–    Front: 2 rectangles 5” x 2 ½” (13cm x6.5cm)
–    Sleeves: 4” x 3 ½” (10cm x 9cm)
–    Collar 5” x ¾” ( 13cm x 2cm)
–    Decoration

Step 1
–    Sew the front and the back together on the shoulder
–    Sew the sleeves
–    Cut little triangles on each sleeves and sew them back to narrow the sleeve
–    Sew a hem on each sleeve

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Step 2
–    Sew the  sweater together
–    Fold the collar back side into two and sew the sides
–    Reverse the collar and sew it to the sweater. You can try it on the doll and pin the collar before sewing
–    Sew a hem on the front

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Step 3
–    Sew the decoration on the front and the sleeves

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  1. Lyndsey says:

    Wow this looks great I love the details

  2. marine says:

    Fantastic as usual!

  3. Jo says:

    thank you for these – simple but so effective. I like to have the measurements, too.

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