Gala dress

I had this wonderful fabric for a long time. It is strechy but we can see throught it. So it took me a little time to sew something with it. This dress is easy to sew. The only challenging part is the lining that has to be very well positioned. I love sleeveless dress with a nod on neck. And Barbie can definitely afford to wear them! I sewed a chawl to go with it.
I hope you’ll like it! Happy sewing!

–       Bottom: 6 ¾” x 7 ½” ( 17cm x 19cm ) + same for lining
–       Top: 4 ½” x 2 ½” (11cm x 6 cm ) + same for lining
–       Sleeves: 2 bands of ¾” x 4 ¾” (2cm x 12cm )

Step 1:
–       Pin the top lining and fabric together. Draw a line in the middle of the lining down to 1” ( 2.5cm)
–       Then cut the fabrics folowing this line.
–       Draw a mark on each side of the cut at ¾” (2cm)
–       Fold the fabrics from this mark to the corner bottom and sew. Leave a little space on the bottom. Cut the extra fabric on the side.
–       Draw a mark on each side of the bottom at 1 ½” (4cm) and draw a line from these points upt to 1” (2.5cm)
–       Sew the breast gathers folowing these lines

Step 2:
–       Sew a hem on the two bottom fabric separately. Then pin them together, so they will be well aligned when we’ll sew them. Make sure that the front frabric is a little longer than the lining, so the lining won’t show.
–       Put the top fabric on the bottom fabric face to face right in the middle. Pin them. Then sew the 2 fabrics together between the two breast gathers.
–       Draw a mark on the fabric on each side of the top at ¾” ‘2cm. And on each side of the bottom at 5” (13cm). Then pleat the fabric folowing these marks and pin. Cut folowing the pins.

Step 3:
–       Finish sewing the top and the bottom fabric together. Then sew a hem on the side and on the back on 1” (2.5cm). So the doll can fit into the dress.
–       Sew the dress on the back. And sew a slit a 2” from the bottom.

Step 4:
–       Sew the sleeves to the top. My fabric did not need to be sewed on the side for the sleeves. Depending on the fabric you’re using you might want to sew the sides before attaching the sleeves to the dress.
–       Sew a sew on snap on the back.

Your Gala Dress is ready!

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11 Responses to Gala dress

  1. lyndsey says:

    this is beautiful maybe barbie can where is on the red carpet or to a fancy dinner i love the colour and fabric choice to it’s also very very well made.

  2. lyndsey says:

    excuse me when are you going to upload any new designs thankyou

  3. lyndsey says:

    miss b. couture what country are you from france?

  4. raamlozano says:

    Hello Miss B. Couture
    We love this design and we have the fabric for it, my only question is how do we do the sleeves?
    We really appreciate if you tell us how.
    Thank you

    • missbcouture says:

      Thank you for coming to Miss B. Couture website. If you click on any of the picture on the tutorials, it will enlarge the image and you will see the complete picture.
      Sleeves for this dress are simply 2 bands of fabric that are tied in the back. You can also use ribbon.
      If you elarge the last picture, you’ll see the full image of the dress.
      I hope it helps,
      Happy sewing!
      Miss B.

  5. TheMistyPhantom says:

    Excuse ma’am,
    I love the idea of this dress but I have a couple of questions. Do you have to ue a specific fabric for this dress or can you use any kind? And can you tell me how to make the chawl to go with it?

    Thank you very much.

    • missbcouture says:

      I would use a fabric that flows, but any kind of fabric will work. As for the chawl, it’s just a triangle.

      • TheMistyPhantom says:

        I’m sorry ma’m, but i’m only a beginner. I don’t really know what kind fabric flows or not. Can you please give me some examples?

        • missbcouture says:

          You can try with satin…

          • TheMistyPhantom says:

            Merci ma’am. I want to know everything I can about sewing and decided to start small. I love these walkthroughs because you do wonderful job of showing us not just telling us. It’s a big help for an amateur like me.

          • missbcouture says:

            Thnak you for your message. I am glad you like the website. I hope you’ll have as much fun sewing these outfits as I had creating them.
            Happy sewing!

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