Halloween witch dress for Barbie

Halloween is coming soon! Here is a witch dress for your Barbie. The black fabric is a thick stech fabric, it makes the dress easy to sew. There is also a hat and a broom to go with the perfect outfit for trick or treat!
Happy sewing!

-       Top front: 2 rectangles : 1 ½” x 3 ½”  (4cm x 9cm)
-       Top back: 2 rectangles : 2” x 3 ½” (5cm x 9cm)
-       Bottom Front: 1 rectangle: 4 ” x 7” (10cm x 18cm)
-       Bottom back: 2 rectangles: 2” x 7” (5cm x 18cm)
-       Sleeves: 2 rectangles of orange tule 4” x 5” (10cm x 13cm)
-       Belt: orange ribbon or piece of fabric 6” (15cm)
-       2 sew on snaps

Step 1: Adjust the Bottom fabrics
-       Fold the bottom front fabric into 2, put the two bottom back fabric on top and pin them
-       Draw a mark on the top at 1” (2.5cm) from the outside
-       Draw a mark on the side at 3” (7.5cm) from the top
-       Draw a line and cut

Step 2 :
-       Sew the bottom fabrics together on the side (not the back)
-       Don’t sew till the end on the bottom, so you can cut the fabric and make it more witchy
-       Cut the bottom with triangles for the whitchy touch – no hem

Step 3:
-       Pin the two top front fabrics and draw a mark at ½”  (1cm)from the shoulder
-       Draw another mark at 2.5” (6.5cm) from the inside bottom
-       Draw a line between these two mark, cut
-       Sew the two fabrics ans sew a hem on the V neck

Step 4:
-       Pin the 2 top back fabrics, draw a mark at ½” from the shoulder (1cm)
-       Then draw a mark at 2” from the bottom (5cm)
-       Draw a line, cut
-       Sew a hem on each side of the back fabric
-       Sew the 2 top farbics together by the shoulders

Step 5 :
-       Fold each sleeves in 2.  And pin them. We will cut them to make triangles
-       We shall cut at 1 ½” from the top (4cm)
-       Sew a hem on each sleeve

Step 6:
-       Sew the top together
-       Draw a line on the middle of the top at ¾” from the bottom (1.5cm)
-       Draw a mark on each side of the top at 1” from the bottom (2.5cm) then drw a line from these mark to the middle
-       We will folow this line to sew to top fabric and the bottom fabric together

Step 7:
-       Sew the top and bottom of the dress together
-       Sew the belt
-       Sew a hem on each side of the top bottom fabric, so the doll can fit in the dress 3/4” (2cm
-       Sew the dress together on the back
-       Sew 2 sew on snaps on the back

Your Halloween dress is ready! Don’t forget to look at the witch hat and broom!

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4 Responses to Halloween witch dress for Barbie

  1. lyndsey says:

    this is fantastically made keep up the goodwork Miss B. Couture

  2. Julie says:

    This looks fun to make. It would also be fun to play with barbies and have halloween party. :D

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