Barbie yellow flower dress

Summer is here, I like yellow and this dress looks pretty on Barbie!
You can wear it with the leggings or just as is.
Happy sewing!

–    Top: One band on fabric: 1 ¼” x 6” (15cm x 3cm)
–    Bottom: 5” x 8 ½” (20cm x 13cm)
–    Sleeves: ribbon or fabric
–    2 sew on snaps

How to sew the dress
–    Sew a hem on the bottom fabric
–    Sew a hem on the top fabric
–    Sew the bottom fabric to the top, gather from time to time
–    Sew on the back up to 1 ½” from the top (4cm)
–    Sew a hem on the rest
–    Put the dress reverse on the doll, pin the ribbon and sew them
–    Sew a sew on snap on the back of the sleeves

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15 Responses to Barbie yellow flower dress

  1. Leia says:

    Before you made this. I was just thinking that my daughter’s barbie needed a summer dress. pictures will be up soon on flickr.

  2. Lyndsey says:

    So cute I love the fabric

  3. Chris says:

    Wow….i love this one!! this dress is the best way to spend summer in the beach with ken xD
    nice job miss B~

  4. graceful goose says:

    How do you get this dress on and off the doll? I made one but the halter strap? I couldn’t get it to fit like your photo. Strap was too long when make long enough to go over Barbie’s head. I ended up using a snap, but fit is large and not cute fitted. AWESOME tutorials btw!

    • missbcouture says:

      The dress is open in the back and there is a sew on snap to close it. As for the straps, I have a trick. I put the dress reverse on the doll and I pin the straps on her directly, Then I take the dress of and I sew the straps, so I am sure it fits.

  5. graceful goose says:

    Do the straps tie in the back, make a cross in the back, or is it a loop that you have to slip over Barbie’s head? You are so helpful and have mad design skills! Thanks!

    • missbcouture says:

      I did two little straps and I added a sew on snap on the back to attach them.
      You can simply use a ribbon.
      Happy sewing!
      Miss B

  6. Mamoune says:

    this dress is so pretty, just what I need – not so dificult because I’m not expert for sewing.
    I’ll try to do it .
    Thank you
    Have a nice sunday

  7. urska says:

    your barbie dresses are sooooo beautiful. 🙂 i like all of them and I already made some of them. your tutorials are wonderful. thanks for the effort. I’m loking forward to sew some more dresses. are you going to post any new tutorials? I would love to see them and make the dresses. have a nice day. 🙂

  8. Belinda says:

    I cant see where I print the pattern?

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