Blue jeans wrap over skirt

I love this skirt, it’s one of my favorite. I cut the fabric on the bottom of a blue jeans, so the orange sewing gives the skirt a nice aspect. The skirt was very quick and easy to sew because the fabric is thin.
This skirt belongs to a complete outfit including: a sweater, a bag, a hat and a t-shirt.
Happy sewing!

–       2 rectangles: 4 ¾” x 3” ( 12cm x 7.5cm)
–       1 band of fabric: 4 ½” x 1” ( 11cm x 2.5cm)

Step 1:
–       Sew a hem on one side of each rectangle. Pick the opposite side from each rectangle, so you can surimpose them later
–       Sew a hem on the bottom of the rectangles if necessary
–       Put one rectangle on the other at 2 ¼” (6cm) and sew on the top

Step 2:
–       Sew the band reverse on the front of the skirt. Gather on the sides.
–       Pleat the band and sew it on the other side
–       Sew the skirt on the back up to 1 ¼” from the top ( 3cm)
–       Sew a hem on the rest and a sew on snap on the back

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8 Responses to Blue jeans wrap over skirt

  1. lyndsey says:

    great idea sorry i couldn’t comment when posted i have just recently moved house

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Lindsey! I love that one too. I used the bottom of a used blue jeans and with the orange sewing on the bottom of the skirt, I love the result 🙂

    BTW i just opened a facebook for miss b couture. you can follow me there and tell you friends 🙂

    i think you can find me on missb.couture


  3. bamboo says:

    I’m getting the barbie who models for this look for chirstmas

  4. Sophia says:

    I love your tutorials!
    But.. i have to make it without patterns?
    I can’t understand it!

    • missbcouture says:

      Hi Sophia,
      I am sorry you can’t follow the tutorial for the skirt for Barbie. I do not have patterns. Maybe one day I’ll create some. But for now that’s all I have.
      There might be some other tutorials you could try on Miss B Couture.
      Did you look at other models?
      Miss B

  5. pups4me says:

    this was amazing it was really easy to make so it was also really fun

    • missbcouture says:

      Thanks for your visit on Miss b Couture!
      The skirt is really cute and eay to realize in any sort of fabric!
      I am glad you liked it,
      Happy sewing,
      Mis b

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