Spring Flower Skirt

One of my friend gave me this fabric. this is the left over from a hem she made on one of her dress. It mahes a perfect fabric for this kind of skirt. I didn’t have to sew the long hem on the bottom of the skirt. You can even add one layer to this skirt, it will give it a gipsy exotic look. Try to mix the fabrics too. Your daughter will love it!
My tip for the rubber band insersion: use a small safety pin.
This is the kind of skirt any little girl loves because she will make it turn arround.
Try it on! and let me know how it goes! as always I love reading your comments 🙂

– One large band of fabric 19″ x 3.5″ (48cm x 9cm)
– One small band of fabric 13″ x 3″ (33cm x 8cm)
– One rubber band

Phase 1:
– Sew a hem on the bottom of the large fabric
– Sew the small fabric on the top, so you can pass the rubber band inside.

Phase 2:
– Sew the two pieces together, pleat the bigest fabric so it can fit to the smallest.
– Then insert the rubber band into the hall. I use a safety pin to insert the rubber band easily.

Phase 3:
– Try the skirt on the doll, and define the length of the rubber band. Then sew the rubber band parts together.
– Adjust the skirt and sew the tow part of the skirt.

Your Springy Flower Skirt is ready! Enjoy the sun!

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6 Responses to Spring Flower Skirt

  1. bamboo says:

    this is my FAVORITE outfit out of all of them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love the fabric.

  2. pups4me says:

    I haven’t tried this yet but it looks like a lot of fun. the rubber band part seems hard though.

    • missbcouture says:

      It is easy to do and can look really great with a cute fabric. The rubber requires a little patience to insert, but if you follow instructions and tip, you should be fine!
      Happy sewing,
      Miss B

  3. Kim says:

    You and Sleeping Beauty!

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